Further reading

There is far more material relevant for literature and human rights than we can cover in our monthly readings. In the coming weeks, we will be add to the list below works of fiction and autobiography, histories, scholarship, web sources and movies you may want to know about. Feel free to check them out, and do not hesitate to suggest additional pieces or discuss the ones already published!


Human Rights:

Do you want to learn more about the history of human rights, check out relevant statistics and resources about refugees and the human rights situation in the world today, or just want to read up on what is actually in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?  We’ve gathered some resources, which you can check out here.

Literary and historical scholarship:

There’s a lot of great reading to be had about the relationship between human rights, history, and literature which can help expand and enrich our understanding of the themes beyond what we can read and reflect on in fiction.

We have gathered a few of them, which you can check out here.

Other Works Of Fiction You Might Enjoy Reading:

There are so many many wonderful novels which are thematically linked out there that we could not possible discuss them all here. We have therefore compiled a list of other engaging novels which depict a myriad of experiences regarding human rights.

Whether you wish to read similar stories to the ones we will be discussing or expand your horizon, we reccomend you do yourself a favour and give the list a look here.