Group meetings

  • Meeting about physical activity and T1DM mathematical models – February 2018
    • Visitors: Giovanni Sebastiani
  • Follow-up to kick-off meeting, October 2017:
    • Visitors: Susan Wei and Giovanni Sebastiani.
  • Kick-off meeting, August 2017:
    • Visitors: Lasse Holmstrøm, Leena Pasanen, Anna Holubova, Giovanni Sebastiani
    • Invited talks from Norwegian participants in the Nightscout project.

Tromsø team meetings

We have regular team meetings every Wednesday at 09:00. Each member presents his or her latest updates followed by a more in depth update by one of the members.

Seminars and courses

Spring 2018 – Reading group on Policy Gradient methods for Reinforcement Learning

Spring 2017 – Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

  • 10 ECTs



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