RESCAPE was first established in 2017 and refers to the long-lasting academic and artistic collaboration between Lilli Mittner, Lena Haselmann, and Janke Klok who are all committed to interdisciplinary arts-based research. The acronym R-E-S-C-A-P-E  stands for Research – Education – Sources – Creativity – Arts – Performances – Engagement. 

Corpuses of knowledge are increasingly presented multimodally, yet their interrelations are rarely researched multimodally. By making use of space-time-matter cuts we explore new forms of generating and mediating knowledge through materialized artistic practices.  Our research interest is currently specifically directed toward the following questions:

  • How can we create meaning on the basis of historical sources that materialize in diaries, letters, postcards, manuscripts, notes, and scores?
  • How can we bring insight into our research process at the intersection of classical philology, source criticism, archival studies, hermeneutics, esthetic interpretation, speculative reasoning, fiction, creative writing, performing arts, artistic research, and more?

Creating what we call for dramatic assemblages makes it possible to handle our material differently, giving a voice to who/what have not been heard so far and create new modes of listening. We have experienced that RESCAPE engages audiences in novel ways, enhances people’s understanding of normative complexities, and creates new questions. In the dramatic assemblage, we make use of co-creativity, playfulness, fiction, everyday life experiences, and imagination. 

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