Northern Khanty fishing communities

Report from Janno Simm
Project 200104097-47

Financial support to the project
“Survival strategies of Northern Khanty fishing communities.”

– Janno Simm, Master Student of Visual Anthropology, University of Tromsø.

Support was used for fieldwork among Northern Khanty in Priuralsk Region of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Russian Federation from August 2002 till November 2002.
My project is about northern khanty coping techniques. The target group employs the traditional model of life, fishing, hunting and reindeer herding being the three components. I am trying to explore, how this model works in contemporary post-Soviet Arctic environment.

About Siri Johnsen

Hovedtillitsvalgt for Akademikerne UiT, Norges arktiske universitet, januar 2006-januar 2017
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