Program – Workshop on Sequencing in Phonology

Sequencing in Phonology – SIP

SALT Workshop @ UiT

23rd -24th November ‘23

List of talks

Mike Cahill (o)
SIL International
‘Why K͡P? The order of articulations in labial-velar obstruents’ ***handout***
Stefano Canalis (o)
Boğaziçi Üniversitesi
‘What can metathesis reveal about the linear order of segments?’
Jagoda A. Dyga
‘The role of markedness in the acquisition of complex onsets in Icelandic: sonority, articulatory complexity, or perceptual cues?’
Karee Garvin
Harvard University
‘Articulatory pressures on English phonotactic frequency’
Nikolay Hakimov
Universität Bamberg
‘Intervocalic CC clusters and syllable structure in Russian: A production study’
Harry van der Hulst (o)
University of Connecticut Storrs
‘If phonology is flat, it must be linear, but is it?’
Maddie Gilbert
Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie
(CNRS & U. Sorbonne Nouvelle)
‘Partial reordering in synchronic metathesis’
Chris Golston (invited)
CSU Fresno
‘Segments are dispensable’
Kate Mooney
‘Order Preservation in Phonology’
Kuniya Nasukawa (invited)
Tohoku Gakuin University
‘Hierarchical Organization and Precedence in Phonology’
Pishyardehkordi Peiman (o)
University of Canterbury,
New Zealand
‘Does sonority dispersion principle manifest within-language probabilistic phonotactic distribution?’
Juliet Stanton (invited)
‘On the rarity of postnasalized stops’
Carlos de Jesús Wagner Oviedo (o)
Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia-Mexico
‘A New Proposal for the Secondary Articulation’s Ordering of Mazatec Complex Consonants’
Draga Zec (invited) (o)
Cornell University
‘Syllable internal sequencing disobeying sonority: the case of codas’
Tanuj Barla (o)
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
‘The Role of Segments in Phonology: A Case of Schwa Optionality’
Kyle Gorman (o)    
‘Why segment order shouldn’t be derived’
(Talks marked (o) are online.)


Thursday, 23rd November
SV-HUM, E0103
Friday, 24th November
SV-HUM, E0103
9.00-9.15 Welcome talk Coffee and pastry
09.15-10.15 Juliet Stanton Chris Golston
10.15-10.30 short break short break
10.30-11.00 Stefano Canalis (o) Pishyardehkordi Peiman (o)
11.00-11.30 Maddie Gilbert Nikolay Hakimov
11.30-12.00 Kate Mooney Karee Garvin
12.00-13.30 Lunch (Hovedkantina) Lunch (Hovedkantina)
13.30-14.00 Jagoda A. Dyga Mike Cahill (o)
14.00-14.30 Harry van der Hulst (o) Carlos de Jesús Wagner Oviedo (o)
14.30-14.45 short break short break
14.45-15.45 Kuniya Nasukawa Draga Zec (o)
Conference dinner, 19.00 Hildr