Boat departure location

The port authorities have confirmed that our boat transport will depart from the Prostneset Terminal at 16:45 on August the 14th. The terminal is located in the city center, close to our information desk. Please check our boat page for further information and last...

Preparations for your arrival

With less than a week to go, we are eagerly anticipating your arrival. Those that arrive too late for our main boat transport, please check our program for scheduled shuttles from the airport to Sommarøy. Note that the shuttles are only sized to accommodate those that...

Boat transport to Sommarøy

The SATIS organized transport to Sommarøy will be a beautiful boat trip leaving from the city center. To make sure as many as possible can join us, we have postponed departure to 16:45 on August 14th. The trip will take about one hour. The exact location for boarding...

Registration problems

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with our registration provider. Accepted participants will receive information about registration as soon as the bugs are sorted out (formal methods has been suggested). We are sorry for any inconveniences.

New notification date

Due to the extended submission deadline, we have updated the notification and registration dates. Please check the front page for updated dates.