Call for Participation

Call For Participation

SATIS ’18: The 1st ACM SIGOPS Summer School on Advanced Topics in Systems

August 14-17, 2018, Sommarøy, Tromsø, Norway

ACM SIGOPS is sponsoring a series of summer schools on Advanced Topics in Systems to be held once every two years. The summer schools will feature a teaching staff of well-known researchers and is targeted at Ph.D. students, engineers, and junior faculty. The first summer school will focus on advanced topics in Distributed Systems and is held on the 30th anniversary of the renowned “Arctic’88 Advanced Course on Distributed Systems,” with a target audience of about 120 students. It will be held on the picturesque and secluded island of Sommarøy located in a Norwegian fjord 300 km (200 miles) north of the Arctic circle. The summer school will feature five 50-minute lectures a day on August 15, 16, and 17, for a total of 15 lectures. In the evenings we will have social activities and/or poster sessions. The summer school will be co-sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council and the Corpore Sano project.

The current lineup of lecturers is as follows:

  • Lorenzo Alvisi (Cornell): Consistency vs. Performance in Distributed Data Stores.
  • Christian Cachin (IBM Research): Permissioned Blockchains and Byzantine consensus.
  • Michael Franklin (Univ. of Chicago): Distributed Data Analytics.
  • Dag Johansen (Univ. of Tromsø): Distributed Sport Systems.
  • Idit Keidar (Technion): Storage Systems using Disk Paxos and ABD.
  • Leslie Lamport (Microsoft Research): Formal Methods for Building Distributed Systems.
  • Fred Schneider (Cornell): Measured Principals for Enforcing Isolation.
  • Robbert van Renesse (Cornell): Fail-Stop Replication Protocols.
  • Lidong Zhou (Microsoft Research): Theory Meets Practice in Production Distributed Systems.

The registration fees, which include accommodation, food, activities, and transportation from Tromsø Airport, will be $880 / NOK 7030 for academic participants (students and faculty) and $1380 / NOK 10830 for industry. To apply for participation, please submit to our submission site a 1-2 page position paper, research statement, or work abstract; and a 1-2 page CV or bio. These should highlight your background and interests in distributed systems. Submissions may optionally include a letter of recommendation and a poster. (If the letter of recommendation is confidential, it may be emailed to  A committee consisting of Lorenzo Alvisi, Dag Johansen, Fred Schneider, and Robbert van Renesse will oversee the selection of participants. Potential poster contributions will be selected by this committee based on the submitted applications for participation. The poster track will provide an opportunity to present early-stage work and receive feedback from the community. Preference will be given to students and posters presenting exciting new results or novel ideas that might spark discussions.

Important dates:

  • Submission Deadline: March 28, 2018 (AoE)
  • Notification: April 4, 2018 (AoE)
  • Registration: April 11, 2018 (AoE)
  • 2018 Summer School check-in: August 14, 2018 (CEST)