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Hike to Hillesøytoppen and visit Halvard’s place

Hike to Hillesøytoppen

A small mountain (211 m) located out in the sea, on the island of Hillesøy. The walk up is a bit steep but short, there is a well-marked path to follow, and it is a pretty easy excursion for everyone. The peak offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountains and sea. Bring your hiking shoes, water, and a good mood.

  • Starting point: Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
  • Height: 211 meters above sea level
  • Distance to walk: 2 km both ways
  • Time: 2 hour (round-trip)

After the hike, people can chill in Halvard’s Northern Lights Cabin with a bonfire and good company.

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Halvard’s Northern Lights Cabin

If you don’t feel like hiking, you may instead take the short stroll directly to Halvard’s Northern Lights Cabin, close to one of the many nice beaches in the Tromsø area. People from all around the world come to Halvard’s to see the Aurora Borealis (nordlys in Norwegian) during winter. Although the Aurora has been spotted in Tromsø as early as late August, we are surely a few months too early. There will be a bonfire with an amazing view of the sea and surrounding landscape to enjoy instead. If you ask him, Halvard will show you around and tell some interesting stories about this Arctic summer island. Have some light snacks and some refreshments while you watch the other SATIS participants hike down the hill.

This place in winter might look like in the picture below, while in summer you have 24h of sunlight.

Photo: Enrico Tedeschi