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The Sommarøy Arctic Hotel

SATIS 2018 will be held at the unique and modern Sommarøy Arctic Hotel located within the Sommarøy village, only few steps from the Atlantic Ocean. All rooms have private bathrooms, TV, and Internet. The hotel also offers a wood-fired sauna and an outdoor hot tub. The more adventurous can try a whale safari or set out on a fishing trip, which also are arranged by the hotel.


Sommarøy is a small populated island located about 36 kilometers (22mi) west of Tromsø, Norway. The island is part of an archipelogo of smaller islands, well known for their white sand beaches and scenery. The Sommarøy village is a typical fishing village with a local fishing fleets and substantial fish processing. “Sommarøy” translates to “Summer island”, likely named so by reindeer herders taking their herds down from the mountains and out on the archipelago to graze during summer. There are fewer reindeer today, but visitors are more or less guaranteed to see some.

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Getting here

Sommarøy is served by Tromsø airport (TOS) with daily flights to Oslo and Stockholm (Sweden), and weekly to London Gatwick and Copenhagen airports. SATIS will arrange local transportation from Tromsø to Sommarøy.