Platform leader

Group leader for Organic Chemistry
Project leader for DigiBiotics
CSO for AmiCoat and PharmaSum Therapeutics
John Sigurd Svendsen

Platform manager

UiT NMR lab  manager

Role: NMR spectroscopy

Johan Isaksson

Collaborating members

Group leader for Theoretical Chemistry, project leader for the Brandsdal group

Role: Molecular dynamics and ITC

Bjørn Olav Brandsdal


Project leader for CHOCO

Role: DFT calculations

Kathrin Hopmann


Coordinator towards the BIOSnet

Role: Synthesis and enantiomeric separation

Annette Bayer


Senior engineer

Role: MS specialist

Jostein A. Johansen


Senior engineer

Role: NMR support

Truls Ingebrigtsen


Head of the Department of Chemistry and manager of NorStruct

Role: X-ray crystallography

Ronny Helland