Data and Products

  • Stackplot of Norwegian line

    Stackplot of Norwegian line


  • MEC

    Real-time MEC


  • Real-time geomagnetic activity

    Real-time geomagnetic activity


  • Real-time GIC proxy; dH/dt

    Real-time GIC proxy; dH/dt


  • dH/dt time series; Tromsø

    dH/dt time series; Tromsø


  • Geomagnetic summary

    Geomagnetic summary


  • Ionospheric scintillation

    Ionospheric scintillation


  • Real-time ionogram; Tromsø

    Real-time ionogram; Tromsø


  • Northern lights

    Northern lights


  • TGO all-sky camera Tromsø

    All-sky camera Tromsø


  • TGO all-sky camera Skibotn

    All-sky camera Skibotn


  • Solar wind

    Solar wind


  • Basic event analysis

    Basic event analysis