Invited Speakers

Peter Jurgec 

Peter Jurgec works at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on feature theory, assimilation, locality effects in phonology,  Optimality Theory, Harmonic Serialism, and Slavic languages. He has conducted extensive fieldwork trying to better describe the phonological phenomena found in Slovenian.

Heather Newell

Heather Newell works at the University of Québec in Montreal where she works on the interface of morphosyntax with phonology, stress systems, and phases/derivational cyclicity. She is furthermore interested in Native American languages, chiefly working on Ojibwe. In the Fall of 2019, she will be on a research stay at the University of Tromsø.  

Francesc Torres Tamarit

Francesc Torres-Tamarit works as a researcher at CNRS associated to the lab Structures Formelles du Langage at the Université Paris 8. His research interests include metrical phonology, word-internal prosodic phonology, phonological opacity and Optimality Theory, as well as the phonology of Romance languages.

Eva Zimmermann

Eva Zimmermann works at the university of Leipzig where, from May 2019, she leads The Emmy Noether Research Group on Grammatical Strength in Prosodic Morphology: Typology and Theory.’ Her research focuses on phenomena in the phonology-morphology interface such as  non-concatenative morphology and lexical exceptions to phonological processes with an emphasis on supra-segmental phenomena like prosodic structure or tone.