Our platform (English)

Who are we?

We are Sosialdemokratene, the Social democratic list for the student parliament at UiT. Our main objective is to work for more social democratic student policy. Our vision is to create an open, inclusive and generous university, where everyone feels like home and seen, despite their background.


Our electoral programme and main policy

  • Digitalize curriculum

To buy academic books each semester is both expensive and not environmentally friendly. We want more of the curriculum being available on the internet.

  • More health care offered at Kraft health center

From spring 2020 doctors are available at Kraft. We want to further extend the offers to include psychologist, gynecologist and physical therapist.

  • Implement complete recycling system

Today there are recycling systems in the cantinas, but the garbage is still not being delivered for recycling. In many buildings a recycling system is lacking while the University claim it already is implemented.

  • Student price on bus tickets for all students

Today a student pays the same amount as persons under 29 years and in full time jobs. Additionally, students older than 29 years pay full ticket fare. In our opinion this is wrong, as the economic situation for students often are worse.

  • Free hormonal contraception for everyone

The University currently offer condoms as prevention. In our opinion hormonal contraception should also be offered, as not everyone can use condoms. Examples are birth control pills, implants or coil.

  • Education

Quality of higher education is of great importance for us students. Many lecturers are using traditional teaching methods, often lacking variety. Sosialdemokratene wants to focus more on education quality, where new teaching methods combined with increased digitalization can be implemented. Increased digitalization such as recording of lectures give more flexibility to study where and when it suits you. This will also give students with children, work, sickness or challenges better opportunities to follow the lectures.

Methods of assessment

Students come in all shapes and it should be reflected in the way work is being assessed. In order to achieve the goal of more students completing the studies in a good and fair way, the exam forms should vary, and facilitation for exams be improved.

Sosialdemokratene wants:

  • To ensure anonymity in all written exams
  • Facilitate more varied exam forms where it is possible
  • To give students better access to information regarding facilitation and special arrangements for exams
  • Work for midterm assessments in all courses
  • Work for explanation of grade being automatic (not upon request), and defined criteria for the explanation
  • To a further extend ensure quality in censorship arrangement


Sosialdemokratene wants:

  • The University to facilitate the opportunity for lecturers to receive courses in how video and sound files from lectures can be published for students
  • To create a portal where video and sound recordings of lectures can be published
  • To improve digital resources to ensure decentralized education for students
  • To increase the scale of internet-based education
  • More variety in teaching
  • Increased use of digital tools in lectures
  • The University to offer variation in teaching methods
  • To work for establishment and further development of active teaching in academic communities where it is not offered, both on the internet and in the auditorium


Sosialdemokratene wants:

  • To work against any implementation of tuition fee for international students in Norway
  • To work against all forms of discrimination and improve the official systems for reports.
  • To work for more information regarding different forms of discrimination
  • To raise awareness of LGBT issues, and create a safe and inclusive environment for all genders and sexual orientations
  • To work for increased knowledge about challenges different minorities face
  • To continue the “Students at risk” (StAR) program
  • UiT to implement ethical guidelines in all investments
  • Improve the relations between Norwegian and international students


Find us on Facebook for more information. Feel free to message us for any questions or meet us on stand!




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