Our platform (English)

Not updated for the 2021 elections

The Leftist alliance at the University of Tromsø

A university for all


Social justice

An increasing gap in the distribution of power and wealth decreases the societal trust. We fight for a just society with smaller disparities between the haves and the have-nots, and for strong, inclusive communities.

We pledge to fight for:

  • An increase in the availability of recorded lectures
  • Increased financial support from Lånekassen
  • An increase in affordable student housing


The Leftist alliance is a strong believer in a multicultural society where no one are discriminated against because of who they are or what they believe in. We will always be vigilant against all forms of oppression.

We pledge to fight for:

  • Acceptance of students at risk and refugee students at the university
  • The introduction of the Sami national day as a public holiday
  • An increase in the sami quota for studies at UiT
  • Solidarity with occupied areas and peoples

Climate and the environment

The government does not reduce climate gas emissions and do not set tough enough requirements for the ones who profit from the environmental crisis. The failure of the government to do enough, does not however absolve UiT of its responsibility as an institution.

We pledge to fight for:

  • Removal of the funding for petroleum research and an end to the subsidizing of oil exploration
  • Less use of plastics and better recycling
  • Reduced food waste
  • A better vegan offering in all the university cafeterias


Our goal is a society where gender doesn’t place limitations upon the freedom of people. All people shall have equal opportunity, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation.

We pledge to fight for:

  • Free sanitary products and condoms available at the university
  • Increased funding for feminist research
  • A better and more accessible system for whistleblowing in cases of sexual harassment.







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