The following lists the publications that are part of the research project. You can find more interesting research results on the individual web pages of the project members.


  • Generalized eigenvalue methods for Gaussian quadrature rules
    G Blekherman, M Kummer, C Riener, M Schweighofer, C Vinzant, Annales Henri Lebesgue
  • Symmetric ideals, Specht polynomials, and solutions to symmetric systems of equations
    P. Moustrou, C. Riener, H. Verdure (under submission)


  • Vandermonde varieties, mirrored spaces, and the cohomology of symmetric semi-algebraic sets
    S. Basu, C. Riener (Revision)
  • Symmetric nonnegative forms and sums of squares
    G. Blekherman, C. Riener, Discrete & Computational Geometry