Extended Deadline: Baku World Forum for Young Scientist

When: 26th – 31st May

Where: Baku, Azerbaijan

Application Deadline: 30th of April, 2014

The purpose of Baku World Science Forum is to bring together young scientists and researchers interested in the constant search of the proper reply to the new challenges, adequate and professional dialogue as well as new experience and new ideas. Furthermore, it aims to create suitable conditions for the performance of interdisciplinary research in the future and strengthen the existing young scientist networks in the world.

The main topic of the Forum is “New Challenges in the World Science: Joint Approaches of Young Scientists”. It was chosen, as emerging challenges require the adequate reaction to them and joint efforts in all spheres of our life. The Forum aims to define critical points of this approach and enrich them with new expertise, experience and ideas.


URL: http://bakuworldscienceforum.com