Do you want to represent TODOS at the SiN AGM?

The association of doctoral organizations in Norway (SiN) was officially founded in Oslo, in January 26th 2003. SiN is a joint committee of local organizations for doctoral candidates and post doctors at Norwegian colleges and universities. Currently there are 8 local member organizations.

The SIN Executive Board advocates on behalf of its members to gain resources for their benefit, allocates resources among them and arbitrates among them and any other involved parties. In general, the SIN oversees member unions’ activities and is the governing body of the doctoral organization in Norway.

SiN is a network promoting contacts between its member organizations and expressing joint opinions on political issues concerning education and research, and other issues relevant to the member organizations.

The SiN AGM is held in Oslo on the 7th of May. TODOS offers to send one representative to the SiN AGM. This representative will get travel costs reimbursed and should ideally think about becoming a member in the SiN board. If you want to go to the SiN AGM or have any questions related to being a member of the SiN board, please send a short e-mail about yourself to