7th EUA Council for Doctoral Education Annual Meeting

When: 19th – 20th of June, 2014

Where: Liverpool, UK

Doctoral education is becoming a global endeavour. Universities and their research activities are becoming increasingly intertwined across continents, the number of doctoral graduates has risen drastically over the last decade, and global mobility has reached the point where some universities, or whole national systems, have close to half of their doctoral candidates coming from abroad. Investments in research are rising and so is the competition for resources, not least for talented doctoral candidates. Meanwhile, universities and researchers are looking for partners all over the world to strengthen their research and to gain access to resources such as funding, talent and infrastructures.

The conference will examine global trends in doctoral education, the local implications of these trends and the ways in which universities operate in an increasingly international environment. It will combine plenary sessions and parallel working groups consisting of paper presentations to allow broad sharing of practice and ideas. There will also be open spaces for debates and exchange and the possibility to make concrete proposals to contribute to the future activities of EUA-CDE.

URL: http://www.eua.be/EUA-CDE-Liverpool.aspx