EuroScience General Assembly 2014

When: July 14th, 2014

Where: At the EuroScience Open Forum, Dublin, Ireland

The goal of EuroScience is the promotion of European sciences and cultures by means of granting awards and funding workshops as well as to raise funds for international scientific cooperation, especially for the benefit of EuroScience.

EuroScience has presently 2.600 members in 40 European countries. The General Assembly shall be the sovereign body of the association; it shall consist of all members with the right to vote. Honorary members serve in an advisory capacity. It approves the association’s accounts and sets strategic guidelines for the two following years.

The General Assembly meets physically every other year (at ESOF). The virtual General Assembly is potentially permanent. The General Assembly elects 16 members of the Governing Board.

For more information about the general assembly and ESOF please follow the links.