TODOS is an interest organization that works to improve the general welfare of all PhD candidates and postdocs at UiT. TODOS is a neutral organization. It is not a union, nor is it linked to any union organization, political opinion, or religious belief. TODOS is here to help, assist, guide and educate you throughout your journey. We focus on two important aspects: a good academic working environment and a thriving social life.

TODOS organizes seminars, talks and courses to fit the special needs of PhDs and postdocs such as weekly shut up and work! sessions. We are also here to assist you in protecting your rights, support you if things may be difficult and refer you to the right people, regarding whatever might come up. We collaborate closely with the administration, the research community, and other entities at UiT.

TODOS also works on creating a good space to meet and socialize. We have monthly social gatherings and and are trying to come up with many other events. We want you to have an amazing time here at UiT and to meet and mingle with other PhDs and postdocs.

TODOS is a member organization of SiN (Association of doctoral organizations in Norway) and Eurodoc (The European council of doctoral candidates and junior researchers).

All persons registered in a PhD program or as postdocs at UiT are automatically members of TODOS without requiring an official membership. Private individuals can notify the TODOS Board if they do not want to be represented by TODOS.

Twice every year we have a General Meeting. At each General Meeting respectively half of the board gets elected. This is to ensure smooth transition and continuity in the board’s processes.

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If you have any ideas, wishes, problems, or want to contribute to TODOS’s work, you are always welcome to contact us: