Become a board member

The TODOS board consists of 6 members in addition to respectively one representative at campus Alta, campus Harstad and campus Narvik (from January 2022).

Each winter, three of the board members are elected at the bi-annual general assembly (usually in December).

  • Board Chair
  • Chair of Academic Affairs
  • Accountant

Each summer, the other three board members are elected at the bi-annual general assembly (usually in June):

  • Vice Chair
  • Chair of Social Affairs
  • Chair of Communication

All members are elected for one year and receive compensation in the form of Annum or Contract extension. For more info contact us per e-mail!

Being part of TODOS is a formative experience that will figure positively on your CV and will help improve soft skills while creating a positive work environment. Each role has a specific set of duties:


  • Attend and chair TODOS Board meetings 
  • Maintain a line of communication between TODOS, the university administration, and the unions 
  • Act as the face of TODOS at meetings, presentations, and other university events 
  • Deliver reports at the bi-annual meetings with the general membership 
  • Meet and correspond with PhD and Postdocs about issues they might be having in their position and, when necessary, direct them to the appropriate channels 
  • Make sure that TODOS is represented on every university committee requiring input from PhD and postdocs. Sit on the committees if time and language skills allow – or assign a delegate 


  • Attend and take minutes at TODOS Board meetings 
  • Accompany the TODOS Board Chair to major meetings and presentations 
  • Represent TODOS in the absence of the Board Chair 
  • Remind members of the TODOS board to keep the documents on the shared drive updated 
  • Maintain contact and assess the needs of other campuses 


  • Attend TODOS Board Meetings
  • Communicate plans and activities which require financial contribution from UiT to the accounting department
  • Regularly update the budget and ensure that all accounts balance 


  • Attend TODOS Board Meetings
  • Collaborate with other campus entities (University Library, High North Academy, etc.) to offer academic and professional development events for PhD and Postdoctoral fellows 
  • Coordinate participation (i.e., send out calendar invites) 
  • Create, distribute, and assess feedback forms 
  • As needed or requested, produce and execute events to address fellows’ needs 
  • Participate in panel discussions at conferences 


  • Attend TODOS Board meetings 
  • Organize the Annual Christmas Dinner
  • Organize the Annual Cabin Trip
  • Organize the social activities around the June meeting. 
  • Organize monthly social events for PhD and Postdoc students at UiT which may include but not limited to pub nights, game nights, movie nights. 
  • Organize outdoor activities like BBQs, bowling nights, and minigolf


  • Attend TODOS Board Meetings
  • Responsible for the flow of all TODOS communication – Facebook, email, webpage, and Instagram – this includes creating Facebook events and sending out notifications via email 
  • Answering questions from the TODOS membership on Facebook, email, or Instagram; or directing those questions to a TODOS Board member who is better suited to answer those questions 
  • Update and take care of the TODOS webpage