TODOS Coffee & waffle seminar on Open Access Publishing

Er du snart klar for å sende inn et manuskript, men er usikker på om du skal gå for tradisjonelle eller «open access» tidsskrifter? Vet du hva åpen forskningsdata er, og hvilken bruk du kan ha av det? Velkommen til vårt «Open Access» kaffe & vaffel seminar, organisert i samarbeid med Universitetsbiblioteket, etterfulgt av en åpen diskusjonsrunde ved UiT (Campus Tromsø). Dette vil du IKKE gå glipp av!

Dato: 29 September 2016

Tid: 13:00-15.00


Sted: TEO H5.5.502

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Are you about to submit your new manuscript and you are wondering if you should go for a traditional or an open access journal? Do you know what open research data is or what use it can have for you? Feel free to join us for an Open Access coffee & waffle seminar organised in collaboration with the University Library and followed by an open discussion round at UiT (Campus Tromsø). Do NOT miss out!

Date: 29 September 2016

Time: 13:00-15.00


Venue: TEO H5.5.502

Please use this link for registration! Deadline for registration is 27 September.


Take control of your PhD journey: From (p)reflection to publishing

Writing a PhD benefits from the acquisition of competencies outside of the specific study, e.g. being aware of current academic norms, knowing how to retrieve, manage and treat references, handling scientific research data, and being up-to-date about open access publication.

The University Library works with these issues on a daily basis, and in 2015 we createdTake control of your PhD journey: From (p)reflection to publishing. This is a biannual seminar series designed for PhD students, coming from all fields of study at UiT. It consists of five different modules, independent yet interrelated, which are organised as interactive sessions combining theory, discussion, and practice. You can choose to attend one or all, all depending on your current needs.


Day 1. Think like an academic – work like an academic            

When carrying out a PhD research project, we need to be familiar with and follow the norms of academic integrity. This includes perhaps first and formost the use of other sources, e.g. how to treat these as to avoid plagiarising. But moreover, academic integrity includes being aware of, and preventing, academic misconduct and other questionable research practices. Finally, the notion of academic integrity has in recent years extended to include the benefits of transparency of science, both for the research community and for society in general.

In this seminar, we invite you to partake in a cross-disciplinary and hopefully thought-provoking discussion on these important issues.

Date: Monday 24 October 12:15-15:00

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Day 2. Search like an expert

Literature search is an essential part of every research project. For science to move forwards, new research must build on all relevant sources, with both established knowledge and the newest discoveries. Insufficient search strategies may lead to perpetuating outdated or even false information and biased views.

This seminar focuses on doing systematic literature searches and how to use scientific databases in an efficient and effective way. It is designed as a workshop where there will be a combination of database information and practical searching. Further, to tailor the seminar to your needs as much as possible, we have created four different versions, all dependent on which discipline you are researching.

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Social sciences (Tuesday 25 October 08:30-11:15)

Technology and natural sciences (Tuesday 25 October 10:15-12:00)

Humanities  (Tuesday 25 October 12:15-15:00)

Medicine and health sciences (Tuesday 25 October 12:15-15:00)


Day 3. The hows and whys of publishing open access

As a PhD student you want your research to be disseminated and made accessible to as many as possible. Knowledge about open science and open access (OA) publishing is essential if you want a further career in research.

In this seminar, we discuss what open access means and how publication choices affect both the scientific and the general community. We also focus on evaluation of publication channels, and how you can get funding for publishing open access at UiT.

Date: Wednesday 26 October 09:15-12:00

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Day 4. Manage your research data according to best practice

Research data are the foundation of research projects within most fields, as they allow you to confirm or draw new conclusions about a given subject. Further, good research data management and sharing is essential for scientific transparency and the increase and spread of knowledge.

In this seminar, you will get an introduction into how research data should be managed according to best practice at all stages of your research project. You will also receive information about our recently launched institutional archive, UiT Open Research Data.

Date: Thursday 27 October 09:15-12:00

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Day 5. Manage your references with EndNote

When your references keep piling up, you need to work out a system that handles large amounts of references and makes it easy for you to use them and share them with your co-writers. EndNote is a reference management tool that makes these aspects of your writing process a piece of cake.

In this seminar, we teach you how to make the most of EndNote in your PhD studies. We offer one introductory seminar, where we focus on the basic functionalities of EndNote, such as creating an EndNote library and entering references into a Word document, and one seminar for advanced users, where we focus on aspects of EndNote facilitating sharing, organising and publishing references.

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Endnote basic (Friday 28 October 08:30-11:15)

Endnote advanced (Friday 28 October 12:15-16:00)

Starter: 24.10.16 kl. 00:00
Slutter: 28.10.16 kl. 00:00
Hvor: UiT Breivika
Sted/Campus: Tromsø
Målgruppe: PhD students
Telefon: 77645735

Parenting through a PhD / Hvordan fullføre doktorgraden med barn

Information in english below!

career and family

Hvordan fullføre doktorgraden med barn – Praktisk informasjon og deling av erfaringer 

Fullføring av en doktorgrad samtidig som man er forelder kan være utfordrende. Har du lyst på tips og triks om det å kombinere foreldrerollen med din PhD? TODOS inviterer DEG til et interaktivt frokostseminar om gjennomføring av PhD og karriereutvikling, med barn. Bli med i diskusjon om praktisk informasjon, som rettigheter og permisjon, og deling av erfaring fra medstudenter og andre. Dette vil du ikke gå glipp av.


Dato: 22. september 2016

Tid: kl 09:00-11.00


Sted: TEO.HI 1.417 

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Parenting through a PhD – Practical information and sharing experiences 

Completing a PhD while also parenting can be challenging. Are you ready to learn some tips and tricks about being a parent and doing a PhD? TODOS cordially invites YOU to an interactive breakfast seminar on doing your PhD and career development, with kids. Join us for discussions on practical information, such as parental leave and parental rights, and share in the experience of PhD students and people who were once in your shoes. Do NOT miss out!


Date: 22 September 2016

Time: 9:00-11.00


Venue: TEO.HI 1.417

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PhD Courses From High North Academy (Autumn 2016)

Dear PhD candidates,

The summer holidays are coming to an end. Make sure you sign up for this autumns’ High North Academy courses before the deadline Sept 1. Our courses are open for all PhD candidates at UiT, regardless of scientific background. For detailed information, follow the links below.
Studweb is open, make sure you apply now to secure your seat!
FSK-8002 Scientific writing 24–28 October 2016 (3 ECTS)
Learn about the scientific publication process, peer reviewing, presentation skills, improve your manuscript through group work with a mentor, and improve your English writing skills.
FSK-8005 Funding your research 1–2 and 21–22 November 2016 (3 ECTS)
If you want to continue your research after the PhD, money is needed. Nowadays the competition for funding is strong, how can you write a proposal to the EU or the Norwegian Research Council that stand a chance? Understand the processes and evaluation criteria, and develop your own proposal with the help from experienced mentors. See also the schedule.
BIO-8010 Visualizing your science 7–11 November 2016 (3 ECTS)
Most of us have experience with research communication in two dimensions (written papers, posters etc.). How can your research be communicated in three dimensions? In cooperation with Tromsø museum, we offer a museum exhibition course and there will be a grand opening of the exhibition (exam) 1 December at Tromsø museum.
If you have any questions, please contact
Arve Lynghammar
High North Academy
Office: MODUL B 208
P: 77 64 67 96
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

TODOS Summer Barbecue – 23rd June 2016


Grunnet dårlige værmeldinger for I morgen må vi dessverre avlyse BBQ I morgen.


Due to bad weather reports we have decided to cancel the BBQ tomorrow.


English bellow!

Kjære Phd-kollegaer og post docs,


Nå er sommeren snart her, men før alle drar på ferie vil TODOS gjerne invitere dere til grillfest!


Det er på tide å slappe av litt før sommeren, og universitetet er offisielt tomt i noen uker. Så la oss møtes torsdag 23. juni  fra 14.00 bak BFE fakultetet. TODOS stiller med pølser i brød, burgere, salat og annet godt. Om du har lyst på noe annet, eller har spesielle matbehov, så er der masse plass på grillen så det er bare å ta med! Vann vil bli tilbudt, men andre drikkevarer må man ta med selv.

Frist for påmelding er 20. Juni

Siden dette er utendørs kan det hende vi må flytte litt på datoen med hensyn til været. Registrer her om du har lyst til å komme, og bli med på facebook-eventen vår her for å holde deg oppdatert på all info.


Om du har noen spørsmål angående grillfesten vennligst send en mail til


Dear Phd colleagues and post docs,


Summer is almost here, but before you all leave for holidays TODOS would like to invite all PhD candidates to the last event of the semester, the TODOS barbecue!


It’s time to relax a little bit before summer arrives and the university will be officially empty for some weeks. So lets meet on Thursday, June 23rd from 14:00, behind the BFE faculty. TODOS will provide hot dogs, burgers, salad and some other things. If you want something special feel free to bring it with you, there will be plenty of place in the grill. Water will be available, but any other kind of drinks are on you!


Since it will be an outdoor event, date could change depending of the weather forecast so stay tuned to possible changes. Register here if you want to attend and join our facebook event here to get all the new information.

Deadline for registration June 20.

If you have any questions related to this event please contact us sending an e-mail to


Etiske veivalg i akademia – samarbeid og samfunnsbygging

Når: Mandag 30.mai 2016, kl 12-15

Hvor: Tabletten, Farmasibygget – UiT Campus Tromsø

UiT Norges arktiske universitet vil etablere etiske retningslinjer bl.a. for samarbeid med nasjonale og internasjonale selskaper. Ansatte og studenter (og andre) inviteres til å gi innspill til hvem vi kan og vil samarbeide med.

Lenke til informasjon om møtet:

Lenke på til arrangementet på fjesboka:

An afternoon of information and networking for new PhD students at UiT

New PhD students are invited to an afternoon of information and networking Thursday 26 May 2016 2-4 pm at Árdna.

When: 26.05.16 kl. 14:00 – 16:00
Where: Árdna
Campus: Tromsø

You will get useful information about being a PhD student and have the opportunity to meet other new PhD students for various fields.



  • Welcome Speech by Pro-Rector Kenneth Ruud
  • An introduction to your rights and duties as well as possibilities as a New PhD student by Director of Research and Development Pål Vegar Storeheier
  • Presentation of High North Academy by coordinator Arve Lynghammar
  • Presentation of Take control of Your PhD Journey by librarian Lene Østvand, the University Library
  • Presentation of Tromsø Doctoral Students (TODOS) by Chair Board Charlotte Weber
  • Presentation of Ombudsperson for students at UiT by Torill Varberg



There will be time for socialising after the presentations. Tapas will be served.


Sign up for the event:

Send e-mail to by 23 May 2016

– See more at:

Breakfast seminar: Knowing your rights as a PhD candidate/Post-doc

Are YOU wondering about your rights as a PhD or Post-doc, better salaries, legal advice, good working conditions and competitive insurance?

TODOS cordially invites YOU to an interactive breakfast seminar where Union organizations will join us in these discussions and many more issues YOU must know.

Please use the link for registration:


Date: May 13th, 2016

Time: 9.00-11.00

Place: MH U6.A4AUD4


How to succeed with thesis writing

Dr. Rachel Riedner, Associate Professor of Writing and Women’s Studies and Executive Director of the University Writing Program at The George Washington University will hold a workshop on academic thesis writing especially designed for MA and PhD students who are writing in English. This is a unique chance for you to get an introduction to academic writing and to learn how to best succeed with your thesis.


This workshop is for graduate students currently writing thesis.


Writing is central to all disciplines as it is means through which scholars communicate knowledge to each other and to other important constituencies. Therefore, all students must learn writing and communication practices of their disciplines along with knowledge of their field.


Strong writing requires understanding of subject matter of a discipline as well as the conventional genres of a discipline (i.e. research essay or lab report), the style of a particular discipline (i.e. word choice or formatting), information literacy of a discipline (i.e. how to find material and who is important scholar in a field). Strong writing is built on good writing processes (i.e. peer review and revision).


This workshop develops writing skills for students with a focus on practical activities.


This workshop on thesis writing in English will focus on:


  • Writing conventions: genre, style, information literacy
  • Writing process: abstracts, letters to readers, self-reflexive exercises, peer review, revision
  • Challenges of writing in English


Rachel Riedner will also be available for informal consultation and follow-up on the workshop on Thursday May 26 from 9-12 in SVHUM C1007.


To register, please send an email to before May 12, indicating your name, nationality and which degree program you are affiliated with (if relevant).

Når: 19.05.16 kl. 10:00 – 15:00
Hvor: SVHUM C1007
Sted/Campus: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Studenter
Ansvarlig: Cathinka Dahl Hambro
Telefon: 776 45639

– See more at:


Har laget ditt det som trengs? TODOS inviterer alle PhDer til quizkveld 20. april på Bazinga (16:30-18:00). Så bli med oss og slipp konkurranselysten løs!

Has your team got what it takes? TODOS invites all PhDs to a quiz night on 20 April at Bazinga(16:30-18:00). So join us and let your competitive spirit run free!

More information in our facebook event!