Conflict Management at UiT

Are you a PhD student facing a hard time with your supervisor(s)? Learn more about your rights and obligations through the Ethical Guidelines for supervision. The Board of UiT the Arctic University of Norway issued this important document establishing rights and duties for each party connected with supervision at UiT (valid for bachelor- master- and PhD level).

In case of a breach of the ethical guidelines you can report it through the Si ifra portal or you can ask for advice at the Student Ombudsman (Norwegian page only).

Is there something that does not work with the project?

Occasionally, a conflict arises between the PhD candidate and the supervisor. If the conflict is of such a nature that it may weaken or affect the possibility of completing the doctoral studies or lead to major delays in progress, it is possible to access a mediation service (Konfliktrådet) that can assist the parties involved in resolving their conflict. 

The mediation service is different in each faculty:

Unfortunately information is missing for some faculties but we are working hard behind the UiT bureaucratical maze to find out for you! If you want to share your experience or pieces of information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly or compile our survey (anonymous).