SiN (Association of doctoral organizations in Norway)

The association of doctoral organizations in Norway (Stipendiater i Norge, SiN) was officially founded in Oslo, in January 26th 2003. SiN is a is a joint committee of local organizations for doctoral candidates and postdocs at Norwegian colleges and universities.

SiN is a free and politically independent organization. The board is comprised of between four and seven volunteers, elected at the annual general meeting, and carries out SiN’s daily activity in close contact with its member organizations. SiN is a member of The European Council of Doctoral Candidates EURODOC.

The SIN Executive Board advocates on behalf of its members to gain resources for their benefit, allocates resources among them and arbitrates among them and any other involved parties. In general, the SIN oversees member unions’ activities and is the governing body of the doctoral organization in Norway.

SiN is a network promoting contacts between its member organizations and expressing joint opinions on political issues concerning education and research, and other issues relevant to the member organizations.


  • Focus on the quality and the accomplishment of the projects in order to secure a good doctoral programme
  • Financing
  • Supervision
  • Work conditions that promote the recruitment of good candidates to research

Find out more about SiN on their webpage.