The Secret Ingredient

By Søren Beck Jensen, postdoc TREC

søren6Do you experiment in your kitchen at home? In the TREC research laboratory, we experiment every day to gain new knowledge about how blood coagulation works. The result we saw yesterday shows that we could not manipulate the blood’s ability to form clots by adding a secret ingredient. Maybe we need to add more of it?
In the TREC laboratory, we aim to develop new knowledge about blood clots and to publish it in the scientific literature. Our hope and ambition is to contribute with scientific knowledge that can be used to prevent and treat blood clots. In the picture, Robin is in the process of testing 42 combinations of ingredients to see which one works better.
We often end up with an answer that pose new question. That is how science is. A chef aims to develop new starters, mains and desserts to serve a perfect meal. Some chefs never reveal their secrets; others are more like Jamie Oliver. As scientists we are eager to publish what we discover, and we will let you know the results and the recipe on this blog when the meal is ready. But we need to find the recipe first that is why we experiment every day. Now, I will go for a coffee break, the recipe is as good as it is simple: But who figured out that boiling roasted coffee beans would be so good that it has become the world’s second largest commodity, only second to crude oil?

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