Prediction models: A modern version of crystallomancy (just better)

By Søren Beck Jensen, postdoc TREC

An anthropologist friend of mine once told me about a field study where he attempted to decipher the religious thoughts of an Inuit tribe. The Elder who had always lived on the edge of the world was very reluctant to give any answers about this, to him, taboo topic but finally gave one piece of information: We do not believe. We fear. Continue reading

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New antidote for factor Xa inhibitors

By Timofey Sovershaev, PhD student at TREC

Thrombotic complications are a serious risk in several disorders, including atrial fibrillation, venous thromboembolism and many others. Traditionally, vitamin K antagonists (warfarin) or low-molecular weight heparins were used to prevent such complications. During the last years, a novel drug class, factor Xa inhibitors, has been incorporated into clinical practice, as these drugs have the potential to be safer and easier to use than the traditional vitamin K inhibitors. However, until recently, there was no agent to reverse their effects. Continue reading

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