Information literacy assessment tools

Here are some tools for download

Information literacy knowledge test

This 21-item multiple-choice test is suitable for undergraduates. It assesses knowledge of three core facets of information literacy: source evaluation, source use, and information seeking.

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Source evaluation measure

This quantitative measure is designed to assess students’ abilities to critically evaluate their information sources in practice. It is used in authentic course assignments where students are required to evaluate sources.

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Source use measure

This quantitative measure uses a rubric to rate students’ use of sources in written work. The rubric contains five assessment criteria related to in-text citations and references. It is adaptable to any reference style.

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Information literacy interest measures

We are studying whether interest – specifically interest in being/becoming information literate – has an association to students’ information literacy skills. To measure this, we developed TRIQ.

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Responsible for the TROILS website:

Ellen Nierenberg, PhD student in Information literacy at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. E-mail: ellen.nierenberg (at)

My PhD supervisors:

  • Professor Tove I. Dahl (main supervisor), Department of Psychology, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Torstein Låg, senior academic librarian, University Library, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Professor Mariann Solberg, Department of Education, UiT The Arctic University of Norway