The Tromsø Information Literacy Test (TILT) is a 21-item multiple-choice test is suitable for undergraduates. It assesses knowledge of three core facets of information literacy: source evaluation, source use, and information seeking.

The test is appropriate for students in any discipline, geographical location, etc. It is free to use, and available also in Norwegian.

TILT was developed in 2019 by academic librarian Ellen Nierenberg (with supervisors) as a part of her PhD research in Information literacy at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. The test exhibited evidence of reliability and validity in a number of different samples. For a detailed description of test development, and how it can be used together with the Source evaluation and Source use measures, please see our article:

Nierenberg, E., Låg, T., & Dahl, T. I. (2021). Knowing and doing: The development of information literacy measures to assess knowledge and practice. Journal of Information Literacy, 15(2), 78–123.

Click on the link below to access the test. Feel free to use/modify these questions in your own survey on any platform, and to include suitable demographics.

Tromsø Information Literacy Test (TILT)