This quantitative measure uses a rubric to rate students’ use of sources in written work. The rubric contains five assessment criteria related to in-text citations and references. It is adaptable to any reference style.

It is recommended that students receive this rubric before writing their papers, so they know how they will be assessed. The rubric is available in Norwegian as well as English.

For more information about this measure and how it can be used together with the Information literacy knowledge test and the Source evaluation measure, please see the following article:

Nierenberg, E., Låg, T., & Dahl, T. I. (2021). Knowing and doing: The development of information literacy measures to assess knowledge and practice. Journal of Information Literacy, 15(2), 78–123.

Feel free to use or modify the Source use measure for your own purposes. Click on the link below.

TROILS Source use measure