TROLLing User and Usage Statistics (Dec 2016)

As of December 12 2016 there are 113 registered TROLLing users from together 20 countries situated in 4 continents. In all 30 users have contributed their data to TROLLing. They come from 9 countries in 3 continents. A more detailed overview of the number of registered TROLLing users according to country is available here.

For each individual dataset in TROLLing, download statistics is available in the metrics bar:


However, as of today the archive software does not provide any aggregated statistics for the entire TROLLing archive. We have pulled out this kind of statistics manually. Here are some overall numbers:

As of December 12 2016, there are 50 published datasets containing 479 files in TROLLing, and there has been a total of 2883 downloads of entire datasets or single files in the TROLLing archive. At average, this means that each dataset has been downloaded 57 times.  The most frequently requested dataset has been downloaded 300 times. A more detailed overview of the number of downloads per dataset is available here.

The data in TROLLing cover a wide range of fields within linguistics, such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and lexicon, studied from different perspectives (synchronic, diachronic, acquisition, language technology, sociolinguistics).

The types of data include tables, charts, audio, video, scripts, and experimental methods.


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