How to archive and publish your data in TROLLing

TROLLing is an open repository for research data and statistical code in the field of
language and linguistics. The datasets in TROLLing are free to be accessed and used by
anyone. Our Community Norms as well as good scientific practices expect that proper credit is given via citation. TROLLing is part of DataverseNO, a Norwegian national repository for open research data. However, you do not need to be affiliated with a DataverseNO partner institution in order to upload your research data to TROLLing.

Before you provide your data to TROLLing, we strongly recommend you to read the following introduction on how to register and upload your data to TROLLing.

1 Get started

In order to publish your data in TROLLing you first need to create a TROLLing user account.

For employees and students at a Norwegian research institution using Feide log-in:

  • If you are an employee or student at a Norwegian research institution using Feide log-in, please follow the steps described on this page in order to get contributor access to TROLLing. Once you are granted access, you will be able to create a dataset: Go to TROLLing, log in using the option Your Institution, click the Add Data button on the right hand side, and choose New Dataset.

For other users:

  • Go to the TROLLing homepage, and click on Sign Up (in the middle of the page) in order to apply for a TROLLing user account.
  • You will get a request confirmation by email. Once a TROLLing curator has approved your account, you will be notice by email. You may then log in to TROLLing and start creating a dataset.

2 Prepare your data

Before you deposit your data to TROLLing, please read section Prepare your data for depositing in our deposit guidelines. This section will guide you in preparing your data according to good practice.

3 Deposit your data

Once you are logged into TROLLing (see section 1 above), you can create a dataset draft by clicking on the Add Data button on the right hand side, and choose New Dataset. The further steps are described in the section Step 2: Deposit your data in our deposit guidelines.

3 Get your data published

  • Once you have entered all the necessary metadata and uploaded all the data files needed, click on Submit for Review. You will receive a notification from TROLLing that your dataset is submitted.
  • Once a TROLLing curator has approved your submission, you will be notified, and the dataset will be published and searchable open access.
  • If needed, you can modify metadata and/or data files after publication. This will create a new version of the dataset, which needs to be approved by a TROLLing curator. Note that previous versions are not deleted but archived a.
  • NB! Please note also that once a dataset is published, it is NOT possible to delete it. However, in certain cases the dataset can be deaccessed, which means that the data files no longer are openly available. But information about the dataset (author, title, description etc.) will still be visible.


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