Tromsø Game Lab @ The Arctic University of Norway

Get 10 credits for designing, developing and launching your own game!


The Department of Computer Science, UiT has teamed up with the local game development industry to offer you a 10 credit individual special curriculum in game development the spring semester 2015. The individual special curriculum is for master level and PhD students connected to a study programme in computer science.

Why is this so great?

The world of gaming touches upon so many exciting topics and new technologies where you combine the fun of creating a enjoyable user experience with the challenges of implementing high performance game code. We believe that gaming gives you the opportunity to take part in an emerging market whilst working in completely new ways across a variety of sciences such as technology, business, health, research and education.

We want you students to experience and learn game development and at the same time enjoy the excitement of being an entrepreneur and launching your own game!

How Does it work?

Enjoy programming and technology? Love games? Then game development is perfect for you!

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Playtesting session

Today we had a fun little play testing session where we invited a bunch of friends over to try out the games. The students observed the players to see what the players enjoyed what they found difficult.