Final Exams & Pitches

Finally the day we have all been waiting for! On the 16th June we celebrated the completion and launch of the first 14 Tromsø Game Lab projects.

The students delivered their game in a live app store/ecosystem, a report on their work and a final oral exam. Overall the students that completed the course over delivered on expecations and set the bar really high for future rounds of Tromsø Game Lab!

In addition to the exams during the day the students also pitched their games to friends, fellow students, family and local industry at FLOW in Tromsø. The best games were awarded prizes and the completion of the course was duly celebrated.

We are all very impressed by the amount of effort put in to this course and the games, with many of the students continuing their work long after the official university deliveries were handed in. Some even with plans to start their own company to make game development their craft.

Overall a great result for the first semester of Tromsø Game Lab!

The winners were:


Void Run – Frode Opdahl – Best Game – Prize: PS4 Sponsored by Framverk 

Activating Children Through Video Games – Jørn Lomax – Best Use Of Mobile – Prize: Smartphone sponsored by Telenor

Moon Garden – Mathisen, Håvard E. H – Most innovative/hacker/tech – Prize: Arduino Sponsored by Conax

Below is a list of all the games with the URL where you can download and play

Download and play games here

Void Run (Opdahl, Frode)
Powerpuff Rangers Alpha (Johansen, Svein-Gunnar):
Bouncy Wool (Bakkeli, Nicolai):
HexaFall (Blomli-Edvardsen, Tobias):
Battleship Bugs (Henriksen, Andre):
The chosen One (Johansen, Preben Bruvoll):
Phylactery (Prytz, Bjørnar Grøholt):
Eternal Strike (Bakke, Simen Harket):
DuppDipp (Grønnesby, Morten & Mortensen, Eirik Iversen):
Remembr (Munch-Ellingsen, Peter):
Super Metro (Ottesen, Henning Angell):
Arilog (Lintvedt, Jonas Christoffer og Sjøli, Stian): 
Geometry Run (Wikstad, Magnus):
Moon Garden (Mathisen, Håvard E. H):  URL not available yet


How to make your game sound good?

We were lucky to be joined by Jory Prum, a game industry veteran with over 150 game titles under his belt. He is a sound-guru-extraordinaire!

Jory gave us some great examples of how to add depth and atmosphere in your game using some simple yet effective techniques. He also showed examples where sound and music was implemented in ways that were negative for the game experience and gave hints on how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Thanks Jory for coming up!

You can read more about Jory here:

Playtesting session

Today we had a fun little play testing session where we invited a bunch of friends over to try out the students games. The students observed how people played and how they reacted. They recorded the players and took notes to see what the different players enjoyed and what they found difficult to understand.

A lot of “aha” moments for the students as they saw areas that needed improvement; user interface, communication of controls, game state and overall progress were some of the main areas.

Pizza was eaten, games were played, fun was had!

Alpha milestones reached!

Great progress across the teams as we hit Alpha. The goal for the Alpha milestone is to have all game features completed so the focus can shift to content create, level design, game balancing and bug fixing as the teams progress towards the Beta milestone on the 15th May.


We can see some great little games take shape and are excited by the progress!

Deploying to the App Stores

Part of getting your game into the hands of your consumer is actually publishing your App on the App Stores.

We went through the joys of both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store submission requirements, processes, best practices and potential pitfalls.

The presentations can be found in the forums here:

Game Analytics – For business and Pleasure

We had a great talk about how to use analytics and date to improve drive both your business goals and create a more enjoyable game experience.

The presentation from the lecture can be found in the forums here:

Prototype presentations

A great day of Prototype presentations at Tromsø Game Lab last monday. 12 prototype games were presented all showing impressive progress only after 2 months of work.


A wide range of game mechanics ranging from fast paced procedurally generated endless runners to deep strategy and planning in a subway simulator. Looking forward to June when the students will have released their games to the app stores for you to try!


Introduction to Swift by Anders Andersen

Apple’s Swift has started gaining traction amongst iOS developers around the world. Today we were lucky to get an introduction to the language by Anders Andersen from UiT.

A flexible language with good room for rapid development!

You can check out the lecture in the forums here:

Game designs coming up

The students have been busy over the last few weeks turning their ideas into high concept documents. Some fantastic work has resulted in 15 (!) very promising games that will now move into a more detailed game and tech design phase before protopying starts.

For a sneak peak of the projects that will be coming, check out the projects page and a full ist below.

  • Petty Maze – Environmental exploration game
  • Mountain Goat – 2D Platformer
  • The Chosen One – Platform Arena Fighter
  • Eternal Strike – Fast paced endless space shooter
  • Arilog – Educational puzzle game
  • Subway System – Transport simulator
  • Battleship: Bugs – Battleship game
  • Cave Escape – 2D puzzle platformer
  • Memory Game – Competitive multiplayer
  • HexaFall – 2D Arcade puzzle
  • Get Your Soul – 2D Platformer / Speed Runner
  • Void Runner – Multiplayer 2D Maze running game
  • DiabeticRobotBattle – Card/Character Battle RPG
  • Battle Pets – Location based battle RPG
  • Dungeon Game – Tower Defense / Dungeon Keeper

Our lecture today focused on the important aspects of working through the design phase with a visual and user-oriented mindset as you map out the games behaviours, features and overall requirements before going into detail on the technical design and architecture. All with the goal of locking down your design and tech.

The materials from todays lecture can be found here:

We are looking forward to see these games in action!