Associated projects

Several projects related to the work done in TUNDRA have been initiated to investigate associated questions not covered by the main project.

TUNDRAscape investigates the impact of human use, grazing and climate change on on tundra lanscapes using high resolution remote sensing images. This is a project within the Terrestrial flagship of the Fram Centre and started in 2011. Read more

Finnmark Landscape in change is a project which focuses on the role of Finnmark Estate in managing natural resources in Finnmark (FeFo) and natural resource use among local residents. Read more

TUNDRA schoolnet is a dissemination project which aims at promoting awareness, curiosity and commitment for the arctic tundra ecosystem in children living in tundra areas through research-based education. This project is closely linked to Climate Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra (COAT) planned to be established on Varanger Peninsula. Read more

The project TUNDRA has received support from TROMSØ Forskningstiftelse through the University of Tromsø.