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TUNDRA in EcoSummit 2012 Conference

Three TUNDRA contributions at EcoSummit in Ohio:

1) The importance, management and status of harvested animals in the arctic tundra ecosystems

2) Impact of human use and grazing on tundra vegetation state:  A large scale comparative remote sensing study

3) Poster presentation: Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, High North Department

TUNDRA in Resilience 2011 conference

AbstractDeterminants of sustainability in socio-ecological systems: a natural experiment

By Vera Helene Hausner, Oran Young, Konstantin Klokov, Richard C. Stedman, Per Fauchald.

Prepared for: Resilience 2011. Resilience, innovation, and sustainability: navigating the complexities of global change. 12-15 March 2011, 2nd International Science and Policy Conference, University of Arizona, Tempe, Arizona, USA.

TUNDRA in Environment 2015 conference

The chair of TUNDRA Vera Hausner attended the Environment 2015 conference February 15th 2011 presenting analyzes of socio-ecological systems in tundra regions. The presentation was a warm-up before the talk of Ellinor Ostrom, the Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences.