Vera HausnerDr. Vera H. Hausner, University of Tromsø, Norway.
Vera Hausner is the project leader of TUNDRA and will work with an interdisciplinary team on ecosystem-based management and drivers of change in tundra ecosystems. Contact Vera

Per FauchaldProf. Per Fauchald, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Norway
Per Fauchald works in the field of ecosystem science. He wil be involved with integrated analyses at the interface between ecology and the social sciences. Contact: per.fauchald(at)

Else Grete BroderstadDr. Else Grete Broderstad, Centre for Sami Studies, University of Tromsø
Else Grete Broderstad is a political scientist and works in the field of governance and indigenous rights. She is occupied with political procedures in the relationship between indigenous minorities and majorities. A particular focus is put on discussions of the coherence between indigenous claims for self-determination, and regional and local claims of effective participation. For TUNDRA she will focus on circumpolar  environmental governance arrangements. Contact: else.g.broderstad(at)

margrethe_aanesenDr. Margrethe Aanesen, University of Tromsø, Norway (postdoc)
Margrethe Aanesen is an economist and has worked within environmental and resource economics, amnong other with ecosystem based management of fisheries and regulation of polluting industries. In the TUNDRA project she is responsible for the analyses of socio-economic variables. She is also involved in the analyses of the extracting industries operating in the circumpolar Arctic.
contact: margrethe.aanesen(at)

dorothee_ehrichDr. Dorothee Ehrich, University of Tromsø, Norway (researcher) 
Dorothee Ehrich will be involved with drivers, ecosystem conditions and ecosystem services as part of TUNDRA.
contact: dorothee.ehrich(at)

konstantin_klokovDr. Konstantin Klokov, Saint Petersburg State Universtiy, Russia
Konstantin Klokov has worked with indigenous people and natural resources in Arctic areas. As a participant in TUNDRA Klokov will be studying the resource-dependence of indigenous people in the circumpolar region.
contact: k.b.klokov(at)

jennifer_schmidtDr. Jennifer Schmidt, University of Alaska, Fairbanks (postdoc)
Jennifer Schmidt has a PhD in Wildlife Biology. Her main research interests are wildlife conservation and management, distribution and use of subsistence resources in the Arctic, human dimensions of wildlife management, population dynamics of ungulates, and conservation genetics. In TUNDRA she is working with natural resource management mostly in Alaska.
contact: jischmidt(at)

douglas_clarkDr. Douglas Clark, Centennial Chair and Assistant Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan
Dr. Clark’s research interests include decision-making under conditions of rapid social-ecological change, conservation governance, and managing wildlife and protected areas.

stuart_chapinProf. F. Stuart Chapin III, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Terry Chapin has worked with ecosystem services in northern regions, and is currently the president of the Ecological Society of America. His role in TUNDRA will involve ecology and ecosystem services.

oran_youngProf. Oran Young, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California.
Oran Young is one of the leading scientists in international environmental governance. He will work with environmental governance regimes in the Arctic as part of TUNDRA.

rolf_imsProf. Rolf A. Ims, University of Tromsø, Norway
Rolf A. Ims studies ecology of northern regions and is the project leader of Ecosystem Finnmark, an interdisciplinary project working at the interface of ecology and social sciences. For TUNDRA he will focus on ecology and ecosystem services.

nigel_yoccozProf. Nigel G. Yoccoz, University of Tromsø, Norway
Nigel G. Yoccoz is a biostatistician and ecologist. His role in TUNDRA will involve integrated analyses at the interface of ecology and social sciences.

ole_kristian_fauchaldProf. Ole Kristian Fauchald, University of Oslo, Norway
Ole Kristian Fauchald studies international environmental law. For TUNDRA he will analyze environmental laws in the four circumpolar countries included in the project.

torkild_tveraaProf. Torkild Tveraa, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Norway 
Torkild Tveraa works in the field of ecosystem science, and  as part of TUNDRA he will be responsible for remote sensing and integrated analyses at the interface of ecology and the social sciences.

Dr. Sergey Khruschov, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
Sergey Khruschov works in the field of economic geography, and as part of TUNDRA he will provide advice for the analyses of socio-economic conditions in the four circumpolar countries studied.