TUNDRA Workshop

The TUNDRA team met in Sommarøy (Northern Norway) for a Workshop on 1st-4th May 2014.


The Workshop met researchers from the Arctic countries involved in TUNDRA (Alaska, Canada, Norway and Russia). Participants had 4 intensive days sharing their progress and discussing the way forward for TUNDRA.




Brown bag seminar by Vera Hausner

Vera Hauser held a presentation with the title Environmental changes and local resource use in circumpolar tundra areas on February 20th at the Center for Sami Studies in the University of Tromsø.


Reindeer population numbers in Russia paper in Rangifer

Changes in reindeer population numbers in Russia: an effect of the political context or of climate?

Konstantin B. Klokov, 2012, Rangifer, 32 (1)

TUNDRA at the FRAM seminar

TUNDRA was selected for presentation on the FRAM day this year. A few results were highlighted particularly associated with the interviews on ecosystem services. Hausner_Drivkrefter for miljøendringer i sirkumpolare tundraområder

Keynote presentation on Community-based management at the Nordic Agricultural Association Seminar

The leader of TUNDRA presented the work on community-based managment of reindeer pastures on the Nordic Agricultural Association Seminar HausnerAbstractNorskAgric

NJF seminar 466
Optimizing production in reindeer husbandry
23-24 October 2013, Tromsø, Norway

Thematic day on Ecosystem Services

The leader of TUNDRA, Dr. Vera Hausner, presented some  results from interviews from Norway, Russia and Alaska at the Thematic day on Ecosystem Services launched in Framcenter (Tromsø, Norway) on the 31st of October, 2013.

Per Fauchald presented the work on the management of provisional services in the Arctic.

Find the presentation on the following link: Hausner_Arctic Ecosystem Services

TUNDRA in EcoSummit 2012 Conference

Three TUNDRA contributions at EcoSummit in Ohio:

1) The importance, management and status of harvested animals in the arctic tundra ecosystems

2) Impact of human use and grazing on tundra vegetation state:  A large scale comparative remote sensing study

3) Poster presentation: Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, High North Department

Community-Based Management paper in PLOS ONE

Community-Based Management: Under What Conditions Do Sámi Pastoralists Manage Pastures Sustainably?

Vera H. Hausner, Per Fauchald, Johnny-Leo Jernsletten, In PLOS ONE, a peer-reviewed open-access journal

TUNDRA workshop

Program of the workshop

Tundra framework presented by Vera Hausner

Nature Diversity Act presented by Ole Kristian Fauchald

Kvinneforskningsmaraton 2011

TUNDRA researcher Margrethe Aanesen: presenting at the Kvinneforskningsmaraton 2011

When: Saturday September 24, 15:20

Where: 2 etasje, Kafe G, downtown Tromsø