Welcome to the city of Tromsø, and to the University of Tromsø

The 2012 meeting of the Council of the University of the Arctic is hosted by the University of Tromsø. The city of Tromsø is located at almost 70° N, and is the administrative centre of Troms County. If you would like more detailed information about Tromsø, this Wikipedia entry is a good place to start.

On this web site you will find information about the council meeting venue, accommodation, how to travel to Tromsø, etc.

The 15th meeting of the Council of the University of the Arctic runs from Tuesday 12th of June (starting with lunch) to Thursday 14th of June 2012 (ending with lunch).

To facilitate side meetings (committees, thematic networks etc), meeting rooms will be available at the University of Tromsø on Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th (before lunch) and Friday 15th of June. Also, hotel rooms have been pre-booked for the whole week (i.e. 10th – 16th June). Please make sure to register for the entire duration of your stay at the registration web site.

Please note that there will be a “Meet UArctic –Introduction to Programs ” session on Tuesday (before lunch) that might be useful for new members and/or new delegates.

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