Welcome to the 2012 Council Meeting of the University of the Arctic hosted by the University of Tromsø. The 15th meeting of the Council of the University of the Arctic runs from Tuesday 12th of June (starting with lunch) to Thursday 14th of June 2012 (ending with lunch).

For access to all meeting documents, please visit the UArctic internal website at  (Username: uarctic / Password: fox2001)

A final copy of the program is included in the meeting material given to all participants at registration.

Please note that there will be a session on Tuesday before lunch, entitled UArctic Today –Introduction to UArctic and its programs. This is an open session and all participants are welcome.


The map of the University of Tromsø Campus, and a map of Tromsø city centre can be downloaded here (PDF-format).

Meeting venue
Both the Council Meeting and side meetings take place in the so-called Non-experimental Science Building (Teorifagbygget), which is diveded into six houses:

  • House 1: Lecture and reading rooms,
 Main cafeteria. Auditorium 1 og 2
  • House 2: Centre for Sami Studies, Student welfare services
  • House 3: University library (law & psychology)
  • House 4: Faculty of law, Lecture and reading rooms
  • House 5 Institute for psychology, Center for marine resource management, Lecture and reading rooms.

The council meeting, and the registration desk is in the basement of House 1, while the main cafeteria is on the ground floor of the same building.


Registration and information
The UArctic Meeting 2012 information desk is open for registration and information during the council meeting as follows:

Monday 11th June
13:00 – 15:00 Basement of House 1, Non-experimental Science Building
18:00 – 20:00 Radisson Blu Hotel

Tuesday 12th June
08:00 – all day Basement of House 1, Non-experimental Science Building

Wednesday 13th June
08:00 – all day Basement of House 1, Non-experimental Science Building


For internet access, there are three options: Eduroam, uit-guest, and other users.

The University of Tromsø is part of the Eduroam service, so anyone coming from another Eduroam institution should be able to log on to the Eduroam Wi-Fi network using their regular username and password.

NOTE: You will need a Norwegian mobile phone number to log on to uit-guest!
To log on to the uit-guest Wi-Fi network, please follow this procedure:

  1. Choose uit-guest from the list of available Wi-Fi networks
  2. Open your web browser
  3. Choose ”Create a new Guest Network Account”
  4. Enter the requested information, and click ”Add User”
  5. A user name and password will be sent as a text message to the mobile phone number you entered in step 4. (Will only work with Norwegian mobile phone numbers!)
  6. Choose ”Back to Login Page”
  7. Log on with the username and password you received in the text message
  8. Accept ”Use Policy”

Other users
If you’re not on Eduroam, and you don’t have a Norwegian mobile phone, please contact the registration desk, and a guest account will be created for you.


Upon arrival at the airport in Tromsø please use the FlyBuss Airport Express Coach for transportation to the city centre, and back to the airport when you depart. Participants will be issued with vouchers for the airport express (NB! Don’t forget to print out and bring the voucher!)

There will be a bus service – free of charge – between the hotels in the city centre and the University of Tromsø campus on the following days and times:

Tuesday, 12th June
07:45 Radisson Blu – University of Tromsø
11:45 Radisson Blu – University of Tromsø
22:00 University of Tromsø (Botanical Garden) – Radisson Blu

Wednesday, 13th June
08:00 Radisson Blu  – University of Tromsø
17:00 University of Tromsø – Radisson Blu
18:00 Radisson Blu  – Council Meeting Dinner.

Thursday 14th June
08:30 Radisson Blu – University of Tromsø
13:45 University of Tromsø – Radisson Blu
14:00 University of Tromsø – Tromsø Airport

All buses will be marked with “UArctic Council Meeting”.

NB! Please note that due to traffic regulations, the buses will not stop at the Thon Polar Hotel. Guest staying here will have to make time for the 5-10 minutes walk between the hotels.

Walk from Thon Polar Hotel to Radisson Blue

If you want to leave at other times, or you miss the transfer, public bus number 20 and 21 will take you from Tromsø city centre to the University of Tromsø (or the other way). The ticket is NOK 28,- per person one way, and you’ll need to pay in cash.