What is Open Science?

What is Open Science and why do we need it? And can Open Access publishing deliver the same quality as traditional subscription-based journals do?

Today’s guest is Stein Høydalsvik, senior adviser for publishing and research support at the University Library at UIT – The Arctic University in Tromsø, Norway. And in this episode of the podcast, he’ll give us an introduction to the world of open science.


Open Science & Open Data

Høydalsvik also works with DataverseNO.  DataverseNO is an archive service for open research data, owned by UiT The Arctic University of Norway and operated by the IT Department and the University Library at the same institution. The platform is based on the open-source application Dataverse, which is developed at Harvard University.

You can learn more about how a historian at our institution used this repository to archive his research data here.

You can find all of Høydalsvik’s publications here or follow him on Twitter @SteinHoydalsvik