Senior Scientists and Valuable Data

What happens to my research data when I retire?

It’s important that we keep and store the research done by Senior Scientists before they retire. Their data is valuable and might be even more valuable in the future.

But to store the data correctly we need the researchers to help sort the data.

Lars Figenschou, biologist and Academic Librarian at the University Library at UIT – The Arctic University in Tromsø, explains why. The data senior scientists have been storing for years in their drawer, might be of use for new students.

In addition, he gives us some good tips on how to create a program at the University that secures valuable data.
If you would like to listen to a case study, check out our podcast episode with historian Rune Blix Hagen. He recently gathered his research data on witch-trials in Finnmark in Norway, at the end of his career. You can find the episode here: Witchcraft & Open Science.
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