Adviser Aysa Ekanger works with research and publishing support at the University Library at the UIT – The Arctic University of Norway

Misconceptions and Reasonable Doubt

To OA or not to OA? What are the main reasons for our scientists not to choose Open Access to their publications?

Some reasons are clearly misconceptions and some are valid reasons where there exist some solutions.

In episode 4 of this podcast adviser Aysa Ekanger, who works with research and publishing support at the University Library at the University of Tromsø, lays out the main reasons and some of the solutions to the concerns with Open Access.

You can also read a more detailed overview of the possible obstacles on the road to Open Access in this whitepaper from

OPERAS is a European research infrastructure for the development of open scholarly communication, particularly in the social sciences and humanities.

You can also find Aysa on Twitter @AysaEkanger

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