Open Science & Ph.D-candidates

How can you inform Ph.D. Candidates and early career researchers about Open Science without becoming too political? Is information given about open science in conflict with the expectations for publishing from our universities?

Torstein Låg, psychologist and senior academic librarian at the University Library at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, weighs in on this topic.

Låg is also one of the editors of the web resource

Gathering information

The aim for Ph.D. on Track, as mentioned on their website, is to enable beginning researchers and Ph.D. Candidates to easily access information on searching and reviewing scholarly literature, on academic writing, and on sharing and publishing reports and data.

On this site, which might be a useful resource for researcher outside Norway as well, you can read more on the following topics:

  • searching
  • reviewing
  • types of reviews
  • writing
  • workflow
  • reference managers
  • how to publish
  • submitting articles
  • co-authorship
  • copyright
  • the Cristin system
  • citation impact
  • open-access publishing
  • open archives
  • research data
  • data management
  • sensitive data
  • preregistration

Check out their site here!

If you are an early-career researcher and interested in Open Science, you should really listen to our episode with Corina Logan from #bulliedintobadscience.