The Future of Open Science

What does the Future of Open Science look like?

The topic of this episode is the future of Open Science, and what it’s like to be an outspoken critic of the current publishing system.

Our guest is Jon Tennant, paleontologist, independent researcher and the founder of Open Science MOOC.

Tennant completed his award-winning Ph.D. at Imperial College London where he researched evolutionary patterns in animals like dinosaurs and crocodiles.

For the last 2 years, he was the Communications Director for ScienceOpen, and has given dozens of talks, webinars, and workshops about all things open science.

He is the founder of the Open Science MOOC, the digital publishing platform paleorXiv, and currently works as a PLOS Paleo Community Editor.

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Bad Science

Bullied into Bad Science

In this episode of Open Science Talk we are joined by the founder of the campaign #bulliedintobadscience, Corina Logan.

Logan, who is a Senior Researcher at the Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and Culture at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, explains what she means by “Bad Science”, including important terms like P-hacking/data fishing and HARKing. She also talks about how Open Science could help in the fight against bad science.

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Tricks of the Trade – How to get your article?

Finding Articles

In this episode, we discuss different ways to get a hold of articles in science that are Open Access. There is a wide range of possibilities, some of them are integrated into the Library service, and some are browser extensions that you can install on your own or via your University. There are also illegal ways to get scientific articles, that you should not use.

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To Open Access or Not to Open Access?

Misconceptions and Reasonable Doubt

To OA or not to OA? What are the main reasons for our scientists not to choose Open Access to their publications?

Some reasons are clearly misconceptions and some are valid reasons where there exist some solutions.

In episode 4 of this podcast adviser Aysa Ekanger, who works with research and publishing support at the University Library at the University of Tromsø, lays out the main reasons and some of the solutions to the concerns with Open Access.

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