Available positions

3D computational nanoscopy

  • 2 Postdoc on optics and instrumentation
  • 1 Postdoc on distributed computing
  • 1 Ph.D Student on optics and instrumentation
  • 1 Ph.D Student on electromagnetics inverse problem for phase less data

If interested, e-mail your CV with cover letter to krishna.agarwal@uit.no

Optical Sensing

  • 2 PhD positions On-chip Laser Spectroscopy and Mid-Infrared Photonic Crystals Waveguides for Sensing will be announced in spring 2019 and summer 2019.
  • A Researcher position Photonic Instrumentation and Laser Spectroscopy will be announced in summer 2019.

The job announcements will be officially published on the application portal www.jobbnorge.no, and this website will be updated with the corresponding links. In the meantime, please, feel free to contact jana.jagerska@uit.no for more information.