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Final workshop of the Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples, January 25-26, 2016 in Tromsø

Finding new paths for cooperation: Indigenous Peoples, Academia and Business

As the Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples concludes 15 years of activity, this final workshop will gather indigenous peoples, academics, and other development actors, to discuss the lessons that we have learned, and opportunities for moving forward in a changing global and national environment. In this new climate of shifting funding and political priorities, and the development of new international legislation around environmental and social issues, what is the role of research? What new models for cooperation can we envision? How can informed perspectives about critical issues on the ground reach the decision makers? In particular – what is the role of business?

Registration deadlines:
The registration deadline is set to 18 January 2016 if you need accommodation.
The registration deadline without accommodation is set to 22 January 2016.

Conference fee regular participants:
No meals, conference fee only: NOK 400
Conf. fee + Lunch two days + Dinner: NOK 1 000

Conference fee UiT students:
Conference fee only: NOK 0 (free)

Registration for the seminar

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Forum Conference 2015 – UPDATE

The 2015 Forum Conference will be arranged as a round table conference in Copenhagen October 8th – 9th 2015, for invited participants only.

IWGIA (International Work Group on Indigenous Affairs) in Copenhagen will host the conference.
We look forward to the conference and to the further cooperation with IWGIA.

More information about the conference can be found on IWGIA’s pages.

One-day seminar December 9 2015

The Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples will be closed down after 15 years at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

There will be a one-day seminar in Tromsø December 9 2015. The seminar will explore the possibilities to establish a policy-relevant network between academia, activists, aid agencies, the business sector and government that has indigenous peoples’ situation on the agenda.

Sami international solidarity



How does Sami international solidarity looks like? This was the central issue discussed at the workshop held last week by the Forum of Development and Cooperation for Indigenous Peoples, hosted at the Center for Northern Peoples in Manndalen, in Northern Norway. Here is a short about what was discussed.

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OECD Guidelines and Protection of Indigenous Rights

IMG_3403When we talk about the dealings between business and human rights for indigenous people, the task of addressing issues and implementing ‘protection mechanism’ seems almost unsurmountable. However, ‘it depends on what perspective and the context of the place from where we are looking at the issues’ says Hans Petter Graver, the Chair of OECD National Contract Point Norway. In the seminar titled “Businesses and human rights of indigenous peoples: challenges and protection mechanisms” organized by The Rainforest Foundation Norway and Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous People on 4th of November 2014 in Oslo, Graver gave an interesting presentation on how OECD guidelines have served to protect the rights of indigenous people and what responsibilities OECD guidelines play in Norwegian companies and investment institutions.

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