Forum Conference 2005

“Globalization, Cultural resources and Indigenous Peoples”


Tuesday 04.10.2005
20.00     Reception at Árdna, the Sámi cultural building located at the University Campus, close to “Labyrinten”, The Sámi turf hut and the Administration building.

Wednesday 05.10.2005

Opening of conference
08.45-09.15     Registration, at University Campus, Teorifagbygget, House 1, Auditorium 1.
09.15-09.25     Opening by Jarle Aarbakke, Rector at the University of Tromsø.
09.25-09.45     Henry Minde, Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples: “Welcome and Background for the Conference”
09.45-10.15     Jon Bech, NORAD: “Indigenous peoples, poverty and rights in a global development framework”
10.15-10.30     Coffee
10.30-11.15     Russel Barsh, Director Center for the Study of Coast Salish Environments, Anacortes, USA: “Trade and intellectual property rights: How do they affect indigenous knowledge, local plant varieties, and the other “ecological and intellectual resources” of indigenous peoples”.
11.15-11.30     Discussion

“Globalization and Indigenous Peoples: Poverty and Education”
Focus on Nicaragua
11.30-12.00     Ray Hooker, URRACAN University: “Poverty and Social Justice: Nicaragua and the Autonomy Process”
12.00-12.30     Alta Hooker, URRACAN University: “Education as empowerment: Building a University for Indigenous Peoples”
12.30-12.45     Discussion
12.45-13.45     Lunch
13.45-14.15     Arja Koskinen, URRACAN University: “Intercultural Multilingual Education for the indigenous and afrocaribbean people on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua – challenging the globalization”
14.15-14.45     Erika Satta, University of Tromsø: “”For the Love of thy Mother Tongue”
Indigenous Language Revitalization”
14.45-15.15     Discussion
15.15-15.30     Coffee

Focus on Guatemala
15.30-16.00     Kay Warren, Professor, Brown University, USA: “After the Peace Process and the Referendum: The Prospect of Democracy and Social Justice in Guatemala”
16.00-16.30     Demetrio Cojtí Cuxil, Dr., San Carlos University, Guatemala: “The relation between higher education and the indigenous movement”
16.30-16.45     Discussion
16.45-17.00     Coffee

Forum update
17.00-17.15     Lars Løvold, Director, Rainforest Foundation Norway: “Culturally and linguistically tailormade education: an important element in the fight for Indigenous Peoples rights. Lessons from Brazil”
17.15-17.30     Angel Valdez, Director IDEI: Capacity building and university co-operation. The case of Maya Competence Building.
17.30-17.45     Keitseope Nthomang, University of Botswana and Coordinator, South, of the Collaborative Programme for San/Basarwa Research and Capacity Building: “Challenges for minority education and capacity building in Botswana”.
18.00     Dinner at Cantina Faculty of Law

Thursday 06.10.2005

“Globalization and Indigenous Peoples: Poverty and Education” continues
Focus on Guatemala
09.15-09.45     Eduardo Enrique Sacayón, San Carlos University, Guatemala: “Higher education and multicultural society. The case of Guatemala”
09.45-10.15     Georges Midré, Professor, University of Tromsø: “Education and poverty reduction. Experiences from Guatemala”
10.15-10.30     Discussion
10.30-10.45     Coffee
10.45-11.15     Pablo Rangel, University of Tromsø: “The Unfinished Mission: The History of the ILO Convention 169 concerning Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala”
11.15-11.45     Juliana Turqui; University of Tromsø: “Indigenous Workers in Guatemala City and the Mayan Movement. Exploring the Representation of Ethnic and Labour Demands”
11.45-12.15     Discussion
12.15-13.15     Lunch

“Cultural resources documentation and mapping”
13.15-13.45     Hans Petter Hergum, Norwegian Church Aid: “A culture and heritage program – an example from Southern Africa”
13.45-14.15     Liv Skaare: “Behind the pictures – encounters with paintings from the Kuru project”
14.15-14.45     Karine Rousset, Kuru Family of Organization: “Mapping as Development Tool – Experiences and lessons learnt through mapping and cultural programmes of Kuru”
14.45-15.15     Discussion
15.15-15.45     Guided tour to art exhibition
15.45-16.15     Coffee
16.15-16.45     Anetta Bok, ‡Khomani San (South-Africa): “Mapping in the sand – The experiences of the ‡Khomani with mapping in the Trans Kalahari Transfrontier Park that led to a successful land claim”
16.45-17.00     Discussion
19.00     Dinner at Radisson SAS hotel

Friday 07.10.2005

Cultural resources documentation and mapping” continues
09.15-09.45     Collin Tshima, Chairman of the ‡Heku Trust, Chairman of the Regional WIMSA board. (Working Group for Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa): “Our Land is Our Life – The NG 13 Project in Northern Botswana”

Forum update
09.45-10.00     //Hoeseb, Inspector of Education, Otjozondjupa region (Namibia): “Government commitment to San education”
10.00-10.15     Svein Ørsnes, Managing Director, Namibia Association of Norway: “Our experiences from Namibia”
10.15-10.30     Geir Tommy Pedersen, Saami Council: “Indigenous to Indigenous Cooperation”
10.30-11.00     Discussion

Summing up
11.00-11.30     Sidsel Saugestad, Professor, Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples: “Status and the way forward for the Forum”
11.30-11.45     Closure of the conference
11.45-12.30     Lunch