Forum Conference 2007

Indigenous Peoples – Migration and Urbanisation


Wednesday 17.10.2007
20.00     Reception at Árdna, the Sámi cultural building located at the University Campus, close to “Labyrinten”, The Sámi turf hut and the Administration building.
22.00     Bus departure from the University to Radisson SAS hotel

Thursday 18.10.2007

Opening of conference
08.30     Bus departure from Radisson SAS hotel to the University
08.45-09.15     Registration, at University Campus, Teorifagbygget, House 1, Auditorium 1.

Opening by Else Grete Broderstad , Head of Administration, Centre for Sami Studies, University of Tromsø.
09.25-09.45     Georges Midré, Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples: ”Indigenous Peoples – Migration and Urbanisation”

Focus on Philippines

09.45-10.15     Geraldine Doco, Cordillera Peoples Alliance, Philippines : “Indigenous Peoples Migration and Urbanization: The Cordillera Peoples Experience”

Comment by Rune Paulsen, Rainforest Foundation Norway.
10.30-10.45     Discussion
10.45-11.00     Coffee

Focus on South Africa

11.00-11.30     Jean Burgess, Ghonaqua KhoeKhoe Peoples, Cape Town, South Africa: “In dying, I became me!”
11.30-12.00     Priscilla De Wet, University of Free State, South Africa: “Khoekhoe Language revitalization in urban SA with special reference to a pilot project in the Free State Province”.
12.00-12.30     Discussion
12.30-13.30     Lunch

Petro Esterhuyse, University of Free State, South Africa: “The Story of Orania”
14.00-14.15     Discussion
14.15-15.15     Coffee
15.15-15.45     Siv Øvernes , University of Tromsø : ”Street living and Khoe San identity: short visual introduction to urban realities.”  Filmed material will be presented.
15.45-16.00     Discussion
16.15     Bus departure from the University to Radisson SAS hotel
19.00     Dinner at Radisson SAS hotel

Friday 19.10.2007

Aspects of Migration and Urbanization

08.45     Bus departure from Radisson SAS hotel to the University campus
09.15-09.45     Lily Muñoz, AVANCSO (Asociación para el Avance de las Ciencias Sociales en Guatemala), Guatemala and Tomás López, k’iché language community, Guatemala: “The Indigenous population in Guatemala and migration to urban areas”.
09.45-10.15     Ann Kristin Håkansson, Consejo SamiMaya, Sweden: “Who killed her?”
10.15-10.30     Coffee
10.30-11.00     Bjørg Evjen, University of Tromsø : “A Sea-sami’s story. From fishing-farmer to miner, from “Seasami” to “Norwegian” ?”
11.00-11.30     Discussion
11.30-12.30     Lunch

Forum update – Indigenous Peoples in Development

12.30-12.45     Mattias Åhrén, Saami Council: ”An adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – finally a major breakthrough?”
12.45-13.00     Norad: Title TBA

Rune Paulsen, Rainforest Foundation Norway : “Indigenous Peoples – A marginalised part of Norwegian Development sector?”
13.15-14.15     Discussion

Summing up
14.15-14.45     Summary of the conference by Jennifer Hayes, University of Tromsø and Jens Dahl, IWGIA, Denmark
14.45-15.00     Closure of the Forum Conference 2007