Forum Conference 2008

Indigenous Peoples, Natural Environments and Climate changes


Tuesday 21.10.2008
20.00: Reception at Árdna, the Sámi cultural building located at the University campus,
close to “Labyrinten”, The Sámi turf hut and the Administration building.
21.30: Bus departure from the University to Radisson SAS hotel
Wednesday 22.10.2008
Opening of conference
08.30: Bus departure from Radisson SAS hotel to the University
08.45-09.15: Registration, at University Campus, Teorifagbygget, Hus 1, Auditorium 1.
09.15-09.25: Opening by rector at the University of Tromsø: Jarle Aarbakke
09.25-09.45: Opening by Georges Midré, Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous
Peoples: ”Indigenous Peoples, Natural Environments and Climate changes”
Indigenous Peoples Rights, Natural Environments and Climate changes
09.45-10.15: Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: “Climate
Changes, Deforestation and the protection of Indigenous Peoples Rights”.
10.15-10.45: Discussion.
10.45-11.15: Coffee
11.15-11.45: Egil Olli, Sami Parliament: “Accelerated development of non-renewable
resources, rights and climate change in Sámi areas”
11.45-12.15: Magne Ove Varsi, Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:
“Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change”.
12.15-12.45: Discussion
12.45-13.45: Lunch
Economic interventions in the rainforest regions – Consequences for the Indigenous Peoples
13.45-14.15: Inger Gerd Næss, Ministry of the Environment:“The Norwegian Climate and
Forest Initiative – protection of the forests and the interests of indigenous
14.15-14.45: Siri Damman, Rainforest Foundation: “Climate and (rain)forest billions:
undermining or securing indigenous peoples’ rights?”
14.45-15.15: Discussion
15.15-15.45: Coffee
15.45-16.15: Mina Susana Setra, Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN),
Indonesia: “Palm Oil and Land Acquisition in Indonesia – Implications for Local
Communities and Indigenous Peoples.”
16.15-16.45: Discussion
17.00: Bus departure from the University to Radisson SAS hotel
19.30: Cultural event at Radisson SAS Hotel: “Reindeer Snoop deer”.
20.00: Dinner at Radisson SAS Hotel
Thursday 23.10.2008
”Climate changes, Indigenous knowledge and coping strategies”
08.45: Bus departure from Radisson SAS hotel to the University campus.
09.15-09.45: Gunn-Britt Retter, The Arctic and Environmental Unit with the Saami Council:
“Beyond the climate change impacts – how to cope?
– a Saami perspective to the climate change discussions”.
09.45-10.15: Jeffrey Ross, University of Montana: “Integrating Traditional Knowledge with
Western Science to Address Climate Change: A North American Indian
10.15-10.30: Discussion
10.30-11.00: Coffee
11.00-11.30: Håkon Gulbrandsen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
11.30-11.45: Ingunn Klepsvik, NORAD (The Norwegian Agency for Development
Cooperation): “Securing indigenous peoples` rights in development cooperation”.
11.45-12.00: Discussion.
Forum update
12.00-12.15: Sidsel Saugestad, University of Tromsø: “Update on diamonds and development
in Central Kalahari, Botswana”.
12.15-12.30: Eduardo Sacayón, University of San Carlos, Guatemala: ” The Mining industry
and Mayan rights in Guatemala”.
12.30-13.30: Lunch
13.30-13.45: Maria Das Dores Gorete Da Silva/ Matheus de Assunção, Movimento dos
Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST), Brazil: “Norwegian investments in
13.45-14.00: Juan Simon Mamani Espinoza CEADL, Centro de Estudios y Apoyo Al
Desarrollo Local, Bolivia: “Bolivia; heading for social change”.
14.00-14.15: Elva Viviana Rodriguez Barrancos, Colectivo Rebeldía, Bolivia: “Indigenous
struggle for territory and dignity in Bolivia”
14.15-14.45: Discussion.
Summing up
14.45-15.00: Summary and Closure of the Forum Conference 2008