Forum Conference 2009

“Violent conflicts, ceasefires and peace accords
through the lens of indigenous peoples”


Wednesday 21.10
Reception at Árdna, the Sámi cultural building located at the University campus, close to “Labyrinten”, The Sámi turf hut and the Administration building.

Bus departure from the University to Radisson SAS hotel

Thursday 22.10
Opening of conference

Taxi departure from Rica Ishavshotel hotel to the University

Registration, at University Campus, Teorifagbygget, Hus 1, Auditorium 1.

Opening by Deputy Chair Marit Myrvoll, Centre for Sami studies, University of Tromsø .

Opening by Tone Bleie, Chair, Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples: “Violent conflicts, ceasefires and peace accords through the lens of indigenous peoples”

Subthemes 1:
Unknown sufferings: perpetrators and victims of violence and its invisibility
Tonol Murmu, a Santal and the Executive Secretary of AISWACS (All India Santal Welfare and Cultural Society),or Bhanu Rabha. Indigenous leader of AISWACS: “Bodo-Santal conflicts in Assam : The evil designs, silent sufferings and the process of reconciliation”.

10.15-10.45: Discussion.

10.45-11.15: Coffee

Jennifer Hays, Research Fellow in Comparative Indigenous Studies, University of Tromsø : “The Invasion of Nyae Nyae: A case study in on-going aggression against indigenous hunter-gatherers in Namibia”

Robert Hitchcock, Professor from the University of Michigan: “Genocide and Indigenous Peoples” or “The reasons for the escalation of violent conflicts between hunter/gatherers and pastoralists in Southern and Eastern Africa.”

12.15-12.45: Discussion

12.45-13.45: Lunch

Juan Leon, Ambassador of Guatemala in Norway: “Guatemala: The situation of the Maya peoples after the Civil War and Peace agreements.”

14.15-14.30: Discussion

Subthemes 2:
Examining the preconditions for building sustainable peace
Adolphine Byayuwa Muley, Bukavu, South-Kivu: “The killings and lack of attention to Twa/Pygmy groups in both the current fighting (DRC governmental forces – mainly against Hutu militias) and the DDR efforts in the region”.

15.00-15.15: Coffee

Saoudata Aboubacrine, Tin Hinan (Mali): “Les accords de paix entre les mouvements Touarègue et le Mali ”. ‘The peace accords between the Tuareg movements, and the government of Mali” ‘.

Sanjeeb Drong, Bangladesh Adivasi Forum: “Indigenous Peoples of Bangladesh : Invisible war in the Garo Hills and and North-West Bangladesh and non-implementation of the CHT Peace Accord”

16.15-17.00: Discussion

17.15: Bus departure from the University to Radisson SAS hotel

20.00: Dinner at Rica Ishavshotel

Friday 23.10.2009

Subthemes 3:
Norway’s bilateral and multilateral challenges in peacemaking and implementation of accords – Roundtable discussion after introductions

Taxi departure from Radisson SAS hotel to the University campus.

Introductions by MFA, NORAD and IWGIA.

09.45 -10.30:
Roundtable discussion by IWGIA, Galdu, Norad, MFA, Centre for Peace Studies at the University of Tromsø and from the present representatives of national indigenous organizations”.

10.30-11.00: Discussion

11.00-11.15: Coffee

Forum update
Fikre Dessalegn, Dilla University (Ethiopia): “Presentation of Dilla University”.

11.30-11.45: Name: “Title”

Summing up
Summing up by Robert Hitchcock, professor,
University of Michigan .

Closure of the Forum Conference 2009

13.00-14.00: Lunch